Transpose Excel Data from Column to Row

Transpose Excel Data from Column to Row

Transpose (rotate) data from column to row or vice versa can be easily done by the following 2 Excel options. One is the Excel Transpose function and another one is with the help of Paste Special. 

Transpose using Paste Special

Look at the following table, the data is vertically arranged in Column B and C.


We are going to transpose (rotate) this table to vertical to horizontal using Paste Special Excel feature. 

This table has 2 columns and 6 rows. You have to make a note of this – 2 * 6 and follow the following steps to get transposed output.

  • Step 1:  Select the table (B2:C7)
  • Step 2:  Copy the selected table
  • Step 3:  Keep your cursor in cell B10

  • Step 4: Since you have copied the range from B2:C7, we are going to paste that here using Paste Special. Go to Paste from the Clipboard Group in Home tab 
  • Step 5: Select Paste Special from the bottom list

  • Step 6: Select Transpose from the Paste Special dialog box as per the following screenshot and click Ok

  • Step 7:  That’s it, you can see the transposed output in B10:G11 range as per the following screenshot


Transpose using Transpose Function 

Transpose Function is one of the best alternative to swap a set of data from column to row or row to column. This formulated concept is clearly explained in the following tutorial. Do watch the entire tutorial along with the practice file and post your comment in the comment section. 

Downloadable Excel

for Practice

I hope you have learned the entire concept.

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