How to use #Slicer in Excel to Filter a Table or Pivot Table

Excel Slicer to filter Table or Pivot Table

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If you watch and understand the entire video tutorial along with the practice file, it is a great time saver in such scenarios. 

The Slicer option is available from Excel 2010 version. So, if you use any older version from Excel 2010, this fantastic option may not be available in your Excel application. 

Slicer is one of the good tool to filter-down your Excel table and Pivot Table. So, if you have any normal table or Pivot Table in your Excel book, make sure to explore the usage of Slicer as soon as you learn this concept.

There is an important step before creating a Slicer, which is converting your raw data into an Excel table format (ctrl + t). So, convert your raw data into Excel table by hitting ctrl + k and to switch your normal data into a structured Excel Table.

  1. Now, go to Insert tab
  2. And navigate to Filter group
  3. Then select the Slicer commend
  4. You are good to go and explore all the discussed option in our linked video.
  5. As we said in this video, you can also create Slicer on Pivot Tables
  6. Last but not the least, you can also change the color of your slicer as you need

I hope you understood and practiced the entire concept. Thanks for your time for reading this article.

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