How to sort data automatically in Excel?

Sort data automatically using VLOOKUP & RANK functions

We able to automate some of the frequently used options.  In this tutorial we are going to see the way to sort a data set automatically using VLOOKUP and RANK functions. This is a special video for my friend Ravi who asked this doubt to me.  

You will learn the following methods in this Excel tutorial:

  • How to use Excel Rank Function
  • How to use Excel Vlookup Function
  • How to dynamically sort a set of data when entering or updating values
  • How to use helper column in excel

Watching this tutorial teaches you the basic concept of sorting data from an Excel data sets

Excel problem solving in auto sort concept

You should have noticed the followings in the previously learned “How to sort Data Automatically in PART 1” tutorial.

  • When you have same number, it may not pull the 2nd instant 
  • When you have blank or error numbers in your data set, it can be ranked perfectly by Rank Function. So, the output is not perfectly sorted even in this scenario.

Watching this tutorial teaches you the solution of the above listed issues.

The above two concepts can be used in  the older version of Excel, so you should learn those concepts if you have only the older version of Excel. 

Do you feel that the above said concepts are boring and more formula intensive one. Then the Sorting concept is more easy with Office 365. Yes if you have the latest version of Excel the sorting concept is very easy. Lets learn the simple method in the following tutorial. 

Sort data automatically using Sort function

The SORT function sorts the contents of a range or array.  Unless the old concepts, this is new, fresh, efficient & quick. Lets understand the structure of this formula.


To understand the Sort function effectively, a live demonstration should be needed. Practice file is also given with this article. So practice it along with the tutorial. 

Hope you learned all the concepts and mastered in Sorting concept.  

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