How to Record Excel Macros

Record Excel Macro

Excel Macro helps us to complete some recurring tasks quickly and effectively. Normally, we develop Macro using VBA for the following tasks:

  • Data Related Tasks
  • Workbook Related Tasks
  • Pivot Table Related Tasks
  • Userforms & Add-ins
  • Process Automation
  • more


Developing Macro is easy for the people who has basic knowledge of VB, but it is little complex for the people who does not have basic programming knowledge. But, with Macro Recorder, anyone can create and use the recorded Macros for some sort of low level operations. 

If you can understand the recorded codes and customizing them, it is more than enough to be a master in Macros.  This video tutorial explains the way to record a simple formatting related tasks using Macro Recorder.

We explained the following items in this video:

  1. How to record a macro using Record Macro Option
  2. How to assign short to execute the developed of created macro

Practice file is not required, so please watch this video and understand the concept.

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