Excel VLOOKUP Function


What is VLOOKUP function in Excel?

VLOOKUP function helps you to extract your desired value or data from a range, the range can also be a Excel table.

The structure of the VLOOKUP formula is as follows:

Return value
The matched value from a table.

=VLOOKUP (value, table, col_index, [range_lookup])

value – The value to look for in the first column of a table.
table – The table from which to retrieve a value.
col_index – The column in the table from which to retrieve a value.
range_lookup – [optional] TRUE = approximate match (default). FALSE = exact match.

VLOOKUP is a very commonly used function in many industries for many purposes. Knowing this function will take you to the next level in you reporting / automation career.

Trust me, some of my friends got job just by knowing this function. 

This video tutorial explains the basics of VLOOKUP function and its arguments in a simplest manner. 

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Match and replace using VLOOKUP

This tutorial explain the way to match and replace a list of data using VLOOKUP function. 

We have explained some of the important items in this tutorial.

  1. Get / Replace Employee Names from Employee ID by lookup into an Employee data set
  2. Get / Replace Department Names from Department ID by lookup into to an Department data set
  3. Usage of F4 in any formulas to lock its movement – Relative and Absolute reference
  4. Using a proper Excel Tale in formulas for better enhancement

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VLOOKUP Exact Match vs. Approximate Match

This tutorial explain the key differences in the range_lookup argument in the VLOOKUP function. Note that this rane_lookup argument is the last argument and this is just an optional argument.

True = Approximate Match (default)

False = Exact Match

Knowing the differences between True & False will take you to the expert level in VLOOKUP function. 

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