Excel IFs and IF Functions

IFs and IF Functions

Differences between Excel IFs and IF functions

IFs Excel Function

The IFs function is an advanced version of IF function. The syntax of this formula as follows:


IFS(logical_test1, value_if_true1, [logical_test2, value_if_true2], [logical_test3, value_if_true3],…)

  • logical_test1 – required – Condition that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE.
  • value_if_true1 – required – Result to be returned if logical_test1 evaluates to TRUE. Can be empty
  • logical_test2…logical_test127 – optional – Condition that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE
  • value_if_true2…value_if_true127 optional – Result to be returned if logical_testN evaluates to TRUE.
  • Each value_if_trueN corresponds with a condition logical_testN. Can be empty

You know one thing. Now, this fantastic function is only available on the followings version of Excels:

  • Excel for Microsoft 365
  • Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac
  • Excel for the web 
  • Excel 2019
  • Excel 2019 for Mac

May be in the upcoming updates, this function can be socialized to all users.

Lets say, you have inserted 3 logical tests and the respective outputs in True argument of the IFs function. It can give N/A as a result if none of the conditions are True. In this case to avoid N/A, place True as a logical condition as a last argument and assign an output string. So the assigned output string will come as an output if none of the logical conditions are met.

The Famous IF Excel Function


IF(logical_test, value_if_true, [value_if_false])

  • Logical_test – required –  The logical condition you want to test
  • value_if_true – required – The value that you want to return if the logical condition is True
  • value_if_false – optional – The value that you want to return if the logical condition is False

With a simple logical test, this IF function gives the desired output as entered in True and False argument in the function.

  1. If the logical condition is True, it can give us the True message.
  2. If the logical condition is False, it can give us the False message.

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This Excel tutorial (Differences between IFs vs IF) explains the simple example to understand the differences between the Excel IFs function and the famous Excel IF function. 

I hope you understood and practiced the entire concept. Thanks for your time for reading this article.

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