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PrabasTech (Prabas MS Office) is one of the highly experienced and creative Technical Training Providers that provide Advanced Training in most of the trending technologies for the real enthusiastic learners across the globe. We advise, train and provide solution for your business problem.

We offer the following services to upscale your level to the next level:
–  Online & Offline training
–  eLearning 
–  Website & Hosting Services
–  Free Downloads
–  Free Advisory

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We constructively focus on Group/One-to-one/Offline Training, which is the best training methods for most effective learning.  This kind of training pattern gives the luxury to the user to choose their desire path to learn. Some of the notable benefits of Offline training as follows:

  • Students can have a good connect with the trainer
  • Doubts can be instantly clarified with the trainer
  • Students and aged persons are advised to choose this type of training for better understanding 
  • Instructor can understand the student’s ability

Online training helps user to learn their desired Microsoft Office concepts conveniently from their home itself. The expectation may differ person to person, so the “Need Based Training” help user to get knowledge in specific topic.  This Online Microsoft Training will be conducted using the following applications:

– Microsoft Teams
– Google Meet
– Skype
– Team Viewer
– AnyDesk
– Any other familiar remote applications

We also offer Smart and Instant Support Services for Excel Reporting, Complex Formula, Excel Automation, Advanced Charting, Excel Dashboard, Excel Data Management, Market Automation, Presentation Ideas, Document Design, PowerPoint Animation Support and Office 365 Advisory.



If you want to learn any basic / advanced training based on your continent


If you are want to learn through our free YouTube eLearning

Website + Hosting

If you want to have a website for your global identity

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If you have any related requirements and you want to discuss

Free Advisory

If you are planing to buy any Microsoft productivity tool

Free Downloads

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Microsoft Office

Excel Word PPT

One to One Training 

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Excel VBA Macro

Excel VBA



Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Desktop & Mobile,  Query Editor & Data Model, Relationships, Visualization Types & more

C, C++, OOPs

C, C++, OOPs

Basics, Variable, Data Types, Storage Classes, Input/Output, Operators, Pre-processor, Arrays & Strings, Control Statements, Pointers, Memory Management

SQL Server, C#, ASP.Net, Java Script

SQL, C#, .Net, Java

Data Types, Variables, Keywords, Logical and Arithmetical Operators, If else conditions, Loops, Numbers, Characters and Arrays, Functions, Input and Output Operations

Market Analysis

Market Research

Share Market, SEBI, Brokers Financial Instrument, Investment, Day Trading, Delivery Trading

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Adobe XD, more



We provide Website Development and Training services along with Domain, Host-Design, Security, Maintenance, On-going Support

YouTube eLearning

YouTube eLearning

eLearning, Excel Videos, Weekly Tips, WhatsApp Support


We usually publish a lot of educational videos in our YouTube Channel. If you would like to practice the same concept, it is easy. Just download them using this button. It is free for you now.

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